Grand Tamasha

Corruption, Southern Politics, and Ruchir Sharma Reflects on 25 Years on the Campaign Trail

Episode Summary

First, Milan talks to Reuben Abraham about how voters think about corruption and alliance politics. Then, he talks to Ruchir Sharma about his 25 years on the campaign trail.

Episode Notes

First, Milan sits down with Reuben Abraham, CEO and senior fellow at the IDFC Institute in Mumbai. A Kerala native who has lived and worked in Hyderabad and now calls Mumbai home, Reuben talks to Milan about the electoral salience of corruption, alliance politics, and recent political developments in southern India.

Then, Milan sits down with author, columnist, and investor Ruchir Sharma to discuss his new book, Democracy on the Road: A 25 Year Journey Through India. For the past 25 years, Ruchir has been spending at least one week every year on the campaign trail in India. In their conversation, Ruchir recounts his run-ins with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Gandhi family, and other prominent politicians. He also reflects on some of the deeper drivers of voter behavior, from economic growth to caste and constituency service.