Grand Tamasha

The Election Aftermath and Devesh Kapur on the Indian State

Episode Summary

The election is over - has it changed everything for good? And what will become of Indian secularism

Episode Notes

First, Grand Tamasha's Executive Producer Lauren Dueck takes the helm to interview Milan on the election aftermath. Milan and Lauren discuss whether the election marks a structural break in Indian electoral history and what, if any, impact the economy had on the outcome. The two also discuss whether secularism has a leg to stand on going forward.

Then, Milan sits down with Devesh Kapur, director of Asia programs at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Devesh has spent much of his career researching the Indian state and he talks with Milan about his diagnosis of the challenges facing Indian public institutions. The two discuss India’s personnel shortcomings, whether India is truly a “patronage democracy,” and what should be on next government’s administrative reform agenda.