Grand Tamasha

Deep in the Heart of Texas: Inside “Howdy, Modi!”

Episode Summary

What was it like to attend the Howdy Modi rally?

Episode Notes

This week on the podcast, Milan and executive producer Lauren Dueck take listeners deep in the heart of Texas and inside the gargantuan “Howdy, Modi!” rally held in Houston on September 22nd. Milan and Lauren speak with three Indians residing in Houston about their experiences taking in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump. Why did they show up? What did they experience? And what were the main takeaways for the United States, India, and Indian-Americans? To discuss the larger significance of the historic rally, Milan and Lauren also speak with Sonia Paul, a freelance journalist and audio producer who covered the event for the Atlantic. If you are wondering what it felt like to be in the stadium that day, look no further.