Grand Tamasha

The Mudslinging Campaign and Barkha Dutt on the “Fear” Election of 2019

Episode Summary

Milan talks to Sadanand Dhume and Tanvi Madan about the BJP's nomination of Sadhvi Pragya, and then Barkha Dutt about the fake news epidemic in India, national security, and Modi's economic messaging.

Episode Notes

This week on the Grand Tamasha podcast, Sadanand Dhume of the American Enterprise Institute and Tanvi Madan of the Brookings Institution join Milan to discuss the latest news from the campaign trail. The three discuss the BJP’s controversial nomination of Sadhvi Pragya and the criticism of the Election Commission’s management of the polls. The three also discuss whether we can read anything into the modest voter turnout in the first two phases of the election.

In this week’s interview segment, Milan talks with veteran journalist Barkha Dutt (of the Washington Post and Tiranga TV) about her reporting on the 2019 election. The two discuss the fake news epidemic in India, the electoral salience of national security, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic messaging. Milan and Barkha also debate whether the Congress President Rahul Gandhi can successfully connect with voters.